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Upskilling IT contractors

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As a contactor you are on your own when it comes to improving your skillset.

Yes, you get hired for the skills you already have – but as a self-employed contractor, nobody is going to check you are going on training courses or staying up to date with your technical qualifications.

It’s a conundrum

You got hired for the skills you currently have; yet that only gets you re-hired for the same skills. And probably at the same pay rate.

If you want to earn more, or change roles, you need a different skillset.

But taking time out from work to get trained means you won’t get paid for that time, and the training costs money, employers are unlikely to pay for your training nor pay you to take the IT training course. and it will be some time before you can use those skills for a new job contract.

This is the Contractor / Consultant’s Dilemma

You certainly need a current skillset – one that’s “in demand” by employers. Resourcefully knows which skills are driving job searches every month. When you’re registered with us, we can see how many times your profile has shown up in searches.

That’s powerful insider knowledge.

Improve your IT skills

Resourcefully Privileges can help you out.

When you are registered with Resourcefully, you get access to exclusive “Privileges”. These are our special offers and discounts from trusted partners who work with Resourcefully. Create a profile now and get access immediately.

State of IT skills 2023

Our recent MeetupHow to overcome the. consultant / contractor’s dilemma” focused on this core issue.

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