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Your personal mission statement

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Standing out from the crowd is tough in the jobs market.
Have you thought of using a personal mission statement as a sub-heading below your name on your CV resume?

Your career is a mission

Short attention spans mean making an impact is increasingly important. Can a one line personal mission statement really describe you?

No of course it cannot. But writing one line which helps a potential employer see your deeper skills and work ethic can make them want to read more of your CV resume.

What’s the job your mission statement does?

As any good copywriter will tell you, the job of the headline in an article, is to get the reader to read the next sentence. The job of your mission statement is to get the recruiter, project manager and hiring manager to read the rest of your job CV.

Write your mission statement now.

Here’s how – fill in the square brackets with your own words.

“I will [action] for [audience] by [skills] to [desired result].”

What’s your personal mission statement?

Add your mission statement to your Resourcefully profile in the section “Short Introduction about yourself”.

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