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Networking for IT Contractors

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Building your network is an essential part of being an IT Contractor.


Your ability to find great contracts and be known in the industry is a powerful lever to help your career. If you do not get to know people, you are less likely to get hired. Especially in New Zealand where being “shoulder tapped” can give a head start for any job application before it’s public.

IT Contractors Meetup networking January 2023

Tips for networking

Talking to strangers may not come easy – it’s certainly an acquired skill.

For virtual events (Like the IT Contractors Meetup Group) the structure of the event is designed to help you take part regardless of how confident you are about your skill as a networker.

  1. Firstly come prepared with an “elevator” pitch statement about yourself.
  2. Secondly, know what type of people you want to get to know. Are they in the same line of work as you? Or more senior? Or working in one specific industry? The more refined your selection, the more likely you are to find someone with whom you can chat and connect afterwards.
  3. Thirdly, make sure your Resourcefully and LinkedIn profiles are up to date. Do you look like your photo? Does the sub-heading say the same as your elevator statement? Are your past jobs accurate?
  4. Lastly, the event invite asks you to come ready to Ask For Help with one thing for your career. So have that ready. What would help you most? This is designed to make it easy for the community of IT people to all help each other. We are better off when we act in concert because the network is more powerful.

During the event be sure to listen carefully to what people say, write down their names (or copy off the screen), note those who say things which you also have a point of view on (even if you do not speak in the event).

After the event, look up these people on Meetup and also on LinkedIn and reach out with a connection request. Always add a note so they know who you are. You could write

“Hi Rebecca, we were both at the IT Contractors meetup networking last night. You were talking about XYZ and I think ABC. Can we connect? Thanks, Andy.”

Happy Networking.

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